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In the picturesque setting of Castle Pines, Colorado, this redesigned kitchen shines brightly with elements of opulence, finesse, and modernity. When you compare the before and after photos, it’s difficult to believe you’re looking at the same kitchen area in the same home. Our kitchen remodelers took this space from a run-of-the-mill contemporary kitchen design to a sleek, chic, and pristine modern layout that screams elegance at every turn.

The space has been revolutionized thanks to Crystal Current's Simple White Dalton-style cabinetry, giving an immaculately clean and bright look to the space. We added an elevating touch to these cabinets with accents of gold across the hardware from Top Knobs, the faucets, the seats surrounding the island, and the lighting fixtures. The Q-Quartz Calacatta Ultra countertops bring a cool marble-like pattern to the space that blends well with the cabinetry, backsplash, and wall colors.

Altogether, these design elements create a beautiful mix of white and gold, bringing luxury and durability into the space, and elevating the kitchen's aesthetic while ensuring practicality for daily use. Welcome to a reimagined kitchen design that is spacious, refined, and truly exceptional.