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Enter a realm of timeless elegance with Dakota Kitchen and Bath's cabinetry. The updated kitchen, primary bath, and guest bathrooms are adorned with custom-colored cabinets in a sophisticated Stone hue, creating a seamless flow of refined aesthetics throughout these spaces. In addition, we significantly expanded the storage spaces within all these areas, allowing the family to make the most of their kitchen and enjoy a less crowded environment in their home.

The Top Knobs hardware added a touch of luxury to the cabinetry, elevating both form and function. And our attention to detail extended to the laundry room, where Dove White cabinets provide a fresh and airy atmosphere.

We wanted the countertops and surfaces to come to life, and with the luxurious leathered granite, these spaces have instantly become more dynamic. This stunning stone adds a touch of opulence and visual intrigue, turning functional spaces into works of art.