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Within this beautiful home, we completely refreshed two essential areas of the home with new, stunning cabinetry, and many other renovations to help make cooking and cleaning more enjoyable for the whole family. Our team remodeled both the kitchen and the laundry room, and while the new spaces are breathtaking, we did not sacrifice functionality and quality for appearances.

In the kitchen, we installed knotty alder cabinetry from Dakota Kitchen & Bath to return a rustic charm to the space. However, we did not forget any contemporary conveniences. We created a pleasing visual harmony in the space with Hanstone quartz countertops, which serve as a great complementary element to the rustic cabinets. And for the finishing touches for door handles, we integrated products from Top Knob that complemented the existing aesthetics.

In the laundry room, we collaborated closely with the client to understand their design needs and installed bright cabinetry from Dakota Kitchen & Bath. With great splashes of luminous color and highly efficient storage systems, we’ve helped this family make the best of even the most mundane family chores!